Savy is a personal data account which gives people ownership of their data.

Take back control from online companies and other organisations.

We have countless personal attributes that are valuable to companies and to society. This personal data is produced by our mobile devices, our digital lives online and our physical interaction with the world. Our 'online' presence reveals our preferences and opinions in the form of websites visited, emails, tweets, likes on social media, internet searches and online purchases and bookings. Our 'offline' lives reveal further personal preferences in the form of loyalty cards, utility bills, contractual agreements, as well as official and public documents. And that's just the start: as our cars, homes, and lifestyles fill up with technology, there is only an increasing amount of data we have to own or give up.

With the increasing value of personal data, there is an increasing need for a bank account for our data. The Savy data account is a private data vault, with the same end-to-end SSL encryption used by all major banks for personal data that is owned, used and controlled by us, as individuals. The data in the account is collected from companies and other parties that are in possession of our personal data. To bring it into our accounts, it's as simple as a formal one-click request via an Application System Interface (API). The Savy account finally allows us to begin understanding all the different sources of our personal data and its value, to us first.

We initially set-up Savy to give family and friends the option of control and choice when operating online. We then decided to open this up to everyone, why not right? Now, for the first time, we have a solution that is by being developed by us as customers, for us as customers! We are rather excited about this, we think you will be too.