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Take back control from online companies and other organisations.

Financial Times

Customer data sharing comes out of the shadows

Financial Times, 6th January 2018

Companies are wrestling with the problems of complying with new EU rules. Famous brands are trusted every day to handle the personal data generated by internet activity but what the shopper may not appreciate is that retailers are sharing customer information with a complex network of advertisers, marketing companies, data analytics groups and other “selected partners”.

John Lewis's online customers, FT
Financial Times

Privacy is a competitive advantage

Financial Times, 15th October 2017

In the 21st century digital economy, personal data has become the most valuable resource for nearly every business. But the technology companies that mine it may soon have to define whether they are data peddlers or data stewards.

Financial Times

Big Tech makes vast gains at our expense

Financial Times, 17th September 2017

We should not all have a more explicit right not only to control how our data are used, but to any economic value created from them. When wealth lives mainly in intellectual property. … We are living in a brave new world, with an entirely new currency.


Equifax data hack affected 694,000 UK customers

BBC, 10th October 2017

The beleaguered credit reference agency Equifax has now admitted that 694,000 customers in the UK had their data stolen between May and July 2017.

Financial Times

Our personal data are precious — we must take back control

Financial Times, 19th July 2017

This ‘lost generation’ has handed over information casually in exchange for services.

The Economist

The world’s most valuable resource is no longer oil, but data

The Economist, 6th May 2017

A NEW commodity spawns a lucrative, fast-growing industry, prompting antitrust regulators to step in to restrain those who control its flow.

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